News : Defendants in the West Java Marine Affairs and Fishery Service Corruption Case Face Three Years

News : Defendants in the West Java Marine Affairs and Fishery Service Corruption Case Face Three Years

Public prosecutors from the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) called for Asep Hartiyoman and Ade Kusmana, two suspects in the corruption case in the West Java Marine Affairs and Fishery Service, to be sentenced to three years imprisonment and and a fine of Rp 50 million or an additional three months in jail. “The defendants, Asep Hartiyoman and Ade Kusmana have been proven guilty of committing corruption in a collaborative manner,” said prosecuting attorney, Sarjono Turin, during the trial at the Corruption Court, Wednesday (19/11). Both have violated Article 3 and Article 18 of Law No. 31/1999 as amended by Law 20/2001 Article 55, section 1.

When calling for these sentences, the prosecutor explained that the two defendants had been proven guilty of profiting themselves and benefiting others through corrupt means. Both defendants had caused a corporation owned by David K Wiranata and Hr Bestiadi Fatalatus Soediutomo to benefit in relation to paying off procured boats and fisheries. Additionally, both defendants received Rp 570 million from their act. “There was an intention in this act to benefit David K Wiranata, Yendi Naskar Prima Putra, Toto Wirawan, and Hr Bestiadi Fatalatus Soediutomo,” Sarjono explained.

Both defendants, in the opinion of the prosecutor, abused their authority. Asep, the distributor of budget allocations and Ade, the head of a internal procurement committee, neglected their obligations to hold a transparent, competitive, fair and non-discriminatory auction of tenders.

This abuse of authority caused PT Buntala Bersaudara Darmaja to obtain the tender for machinery and fishing nets and equipment and PT Karya Tajur Tangsi to gain a contract to provide boats 200 CV Pentarapan Putra boats. The nation has suffered Rp 8.372 billion in losses as a result of this crime.

Source : Republika, 20 November 2008

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