News : Bulyan Royan Faces 20 Years Imprisonment

News : Bulyan Royan Faces 20 Years Imprisonment

Bulyan Royan, a member of the Fifth Commission of the House of Representatives (DPR), faces a maximum sentence of 20 years imprisonment and a maximum fine of 1 billion. He is a defendant in a corruption case involving the procurement of patrol boats for the Department of Communications.

Bulyan has abused his authority, using it to force someone to give him something,” said attorney Agus Salim when calling for the sentence at the Corruption Court, Jakarta, yesterday. Bulyan is being prosecuted under article 12-e of the Corruption Law.

Bulyan was arrested by Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) investigators on 30 June 2008 when collecting US$66,000 and EU$5,500 from Dua Sisi foreign money exchange at Plaza Senayan, Jakarta. This money was transfered by Dedi Suwarsono from PT Binamina Karya Perkasa, a company that received a quota of the patrol boats tender. Three days before this event, according to the attorney, Bulyan pocketed US$80 thousand from Dedi.

Agus claimed that Bulyan had the authority to use funds from the budget to purchase patrol boats for the Directorate General of Maritime Communications in the Department of Communications. With this authority he “arranged” for five companies to become contractors for the Department of Communications. “With his authority, the accused forced these partners to provide him with an amount of money,” Agus explained.

This request by Bulyan, according to the attorney, was articulated in a meeting at the Crowne Hotel, Jakarta, in August 2007. At that time Bulyan, the Director of the Sea and Coast Guard, Djoni Algamar, and a manager from the Sea and Coast Guard, Tansea Parlindungan Malau met with the contracted companies.

In this meeting Bulyan explained that there was a project to procure boats for the Directorate General of Maritime Communications. These were to be patrol boats made from fiberglass reinforced plastic. The budget for the 28.5 meter long boats was Rp 300 billion.

The defendant then asked these companies to provide funds totaling 8 percent of the contract,” said Agus. These payments, according to Agus, were a requirement to obtain a tender for producing these patrol boats.

As a result of this demand, Agus contintued, PT Binamina Karya Perkasa, owned by Dedi Suwarsono, deposited Rp 1.68 billion. Bulyan also received payments from PT Firtrite Fiberglass, PT Pruskoneo Kadarusman, and PT Carita Boat Indonesia. Each paid Rp 500 million. PT Sarana Fiberindo Marina also paid Rp 250 million to Bulyan.

Agus’s version of the case was rejected entirely by Sapriyanto Refa, Bulyan’s attorney. “The prosecuting attorney is too sure that this will be proven true,” he said at the conclusion of the hearing. According to Refa, Agus had not sufficiently analyzed the way in which force was exerted by Bulyan.

In the same court, in a hearing last Monday, accused suspect, Dedi Suwarsono faced 4 years imprisonment and a fine of Rp 75 million or an additional 6 months in prison. Attorney Agus claimed that Dedi had violated article 5 section 1 of Law No. 31/1999 on Corruption due to his payment of money to Bulyan.

As proof of this act, Agus exhibited a short message that Dedi sent to Bulyan. This message was sent after the money was deposited “Sir, the task has been completed, please check 1403.” On receiving this message, Bulyan replied, “Okay, thank you.”

Source : Koran Tempo, 21 November 2008

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