Venue Region Song Festival and Cultural Exhibition Langkat Cave, Tens So Victim

National Building Tanjung Pura places Folk Festival to be held to 5 and a local cultural exhibitions Langkat district this evening at approximately 20:30 Wib collapsed. And this afternoon, which every year event held by the Langkat Regency recently opened by officials representing Langkat Regent.

Result rubuhnya building, estimated to dozens of people both spectators, participants and organizers to be the victim. Tragically, most victims were children, including some diantarantanya Toddler.

Based on data collected by volunteer K-SEMAR North Sumatra at the scene this evening, the building of this National direhab just a few years with a budget of hundreds of millions of dollars but had suffered damage even victims. That picture of the poor quality of infrastructure projects that use public money in the district which is led by 10-year Langkat Regent Syamsul Arifin and now the Governor of North Sumatra.
Here are the names of the victims while the successful K-SEMAR collected from hospitals Tanjung Pura, Langkat, North Sumatra:

1. Rajinah, 40 years old, kec address. T. Pura, Attendance
2. Sri Elisa Oktaviani, T. Temple, the audience
3. Fera Siregar, 9 years old, P. Wanderer, the audience
4. Ai Siregar, 2 years, P. Wanderer, the audience
5. Aulian, Siregar, 5 years, Kec. p. wanderer, the audience
6. Niar, 36, mother of 2,3,4 and five
7. Asmauli, 36, T. Temple, the audience
8. Arifin, 32, Kec.secanggang, participants
9. Agus Salim, 27, T. Temple, the committee
10. Maharani Fitri, 16 years old, T. Pura, students, spectators
11. Adelian Mubarak, 13, t.pura, students, participants
12. Lela, 58 years old, T. Temple, the audience
13. Lisa, 9 years old, kec. Gebang, audience
14. Tiwi Lubis, 9 years, the audience

These names are hospitalized in hospitals T. Pura while dozens of others who suffered minor injuries this evening had been allowed to go home by the Medical team.

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